SMCC 2022

Stockholm Medical Cannabis Conference

At Clarion Hotel Sign

27 may 2022


Deltagare och talare | Participants and Speakers

Stockholm Medical Cannabis Conference

Welcome to Sweden’s first cannabis conference, with a focus on raising
awareness and knowledge about medical cannabis among healthcare

The event will take place on May 27, 2022 at Clarion Hotel Sign, Norra
Bantorget, Stockholm. The purpose of the conference is to inform and
educate Swedish healthcare about medical cannabis.

”It is obvious that medical cannabis is here to stay in Sweden. It has good clinical effect for pain relief, and can often be an alternative to the widespread and careless prescription of opioids in Swedish healthcare. This is something we need to discuss much more, and it should happen today, not tomorrow!

All physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare providers in Sweden need to take responsibility for their own further education by acquiring the necessary knowledge, and get access to the educational material now available, for the good of their patients. We need to improve how we listen to patients in today’s Swedish healthcare,”

says Angelica Örnell, CEO and head of operations at the pain relief clinic Aureum Healthcare in Stockholm.

The conference is organized by the Swedish cannabis investment company Aureum Life AB, in collaboration with the Swedish news site Cannabis i


08:00 Breakfast with mingle
09:00 The organizers of SMCC2022, Aureum Life, Cannabis in Focus and the Conference’s keynote speaker Mr Andrew DeAngelo, introduce themselves and open the conference.
09:20 Stefan Broselid, Ph.D. in molecular pharmacology about the Endocannabinoida systemet.
10:00 Stenocare A/S, Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO,
10:45 Tina Horsted, Md, Horsted Institut A/S
11:30 Andrew De Angelo ends the morning with Q&A with the mornings participants on stage

12:00- 13:00 Lunch

13:00 Bedrocan Inernational, Robert Rademaker, General Counsel
13:30 Valcon Medical A/S, Peter Emil Sigetty, CEO
14:10 Bent Damgaard MD
14:30 Patients are finally addressed, interviewed by Andrew and Moa.
14:50 Julie Moltke, MD

15:15- 15:45 Afternoon ”Fika” break

15:45 Aurora Europe, Christopher Kainz, Managing Director France & Associate Director EU Business Development
16:20 Cornelia Jakobs performs and Andrew DeAngelo tells more about 4:20
16:40 Swedish Cannabis patients interviewed by Moa Lily
17:10 DanCann A/S, Jeppe Krog Rasmussen, CEO

18:30- 20:00 Banquet dinner

Kl. 20:00 Cannabis in Europe! Marco Perduca together with guests guides us further.
Kl. 20:45 Conversation on stage with – Johan Wicklen, Otto Larsson & Christian Engström
Kl. 21:45 Cornelia Jakobs performs with Hold Me Closer
Kl. 22:15 Andrew DeAngelo is visited by international guests via link
Kl. 22:30 Cannabis in Europe! Marco Perduca together with guests guides us further
Kl. 23:30 Snacks and winner of the Amsterdam competition will be chosen…

End At 01:00

Participants and Speakers.

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